A New Year

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I feel this year is going to be a great year. I am working on some things that I think are going to pay off in a big way. The new EyeEarn program seems to be off to a great start. I am looking forward to the launch of A2A. It would be interestint to see who else in my neck of the woods is a member of SFI. Maybe we will be able to get together and brainstorm for new strategies and help each other out. I am trying to provide helpful infomation to my new affiliates. I hope they are getting some use out of what I am trying to tell them.  I am learning things everyday from the articles I am reading. That’s the best advice I can give for now. Read, read, read. The informtation is available at the SFI site under the training tab. Check out our new proram at http://www.quickinfo247.com/8682967/FREE. I think you’re gonna like it.

Until next time have a great day and best of luck to you all.

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