A New Year

January 6th, 2008

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I feel this year is going to be a great year. I am working on some things that I think are going to pay off in a big way. The new EyeEarn program seems to be off to a great start. I am looking forward to the launch of A2A. It would be interestint to see who else in my neck of the woods is a member of SFI. Maybe we will be able to get together and brainstorm for new strategies and help each other out. I am trying to provide helpful infomation to my new affiliates. I hope they are getting some use out of what I am trying to tell them.  I am learning things everyday from the articles I am reading. That’s the best advice I can give for now. Read, read, read. The informtation is available at the SFI site under the training tab. Check out our new proram at http://www.quickinfo247.com/8682967/FREE. I think you’re gonna like it.

Until next time have a great day and best of luck to you all.


December 30th, 2007

Hello everyone

Yesterday I sent an email to all my friends letting them know about MaxMalls. I anxiously await the launch so I can access other marketing tools to get the word out. There are so many stores, with more to come. I am still reading the Internet Income course. There are so many ideas and tips I am trying to keep notes on the side or highlight areas that are important to me. (I print the lessons) Also I am trying to read some of the important articles and look at tips from the heavy hitters in SFI. I noted my own WAHT was number 7 on the list. Awesome job team. Lets see if we can move up the list next time.  I visit the site everyday, play tip and win and read, read, read. I get excited reading all the great information available. No one can fail if they really want to succeed. It’s a no brainer.

EyeEarn and MaxMalls.com

December 28th, 2007

I am very excited about the upcoming launch of EyeEarn. I think it will be a great success. MaxMalls.com is also a great idea. They have added so many great stores already with more to come. This is going to be a great year for anyone who signs up I believe.  I plan to send all my friends through MaxMalls.com. With the inclusion of Walmart, NASCAR Superstore, EB Toys, KB Toys, and so many more its a no brainer to do all your online shopping there. Of course, my daughter would love to see Hot Topic added. Anything is possible with SFI. Joining this program was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a wonderful New Year. MaxMalls.com and EyeEarn I believe will make 2008 a great year for me.

Another Day of Learning

December 17th, 2007


Hello everyone,

I have been continuing to read the Interet Income course and have also come across dotcomology from Stone Evans which I will be looking at. He also has an interesting strategy I will be looking into. I have finally heard from my new affiliate and have begun her journey. We will be working on her strategy to get her moving forward.  I am looking into getting a site up hosted through Great Domania and will be looking at what I can do there. I have purchased a domain name for a year, and will purchase more when I get it up and running.

Have a great holiday everyone.

Learning Everyday

December 9th, 2007


I have been reading through the training methods on the SFI site and am putting some things into practice. I have been emailing my newest affiliate and trying to get this person through Smart Start and PATH. I am also excited about the new EyeEarn program and looking forward to the arrival of my starter kit.

There are so many facets of working with this company, I find something new and exciting everyday. I use the products so that I can vouch for their credibility. I am amazed at the all purpose cleaner, and have not gone back to regular shampoo since buying the chemical free one from SFI. Both are awesome products.

Online Marketing

December 5th, 2007


I found SFI by searching for chemical free products. I joined the SFI team in 2003 and started out by using some of the chemical free products. I have been very pleased with them. Eventually I began reading the training and marketing methods on the site and became excited at the idea of having a home business with the potential of this one. It is a legitimate business and they have what seems to be a working model/method with over seven million members. I look forward to a strong future with SFI.

Online Work at Home Moms

November 16th, 2007

I was making a decent wage but also having to put up with a horrible commute, a boss, and a job I did not really want to do. I was tired all the time. I was starting to get sick. I was angry that I “had to get up and drive to work.” I was really burnt out. As for my children, they were in a wonderful day care and I was blessed to have a company sponsored day care (a day care supplied by my employer for a minimal cost) but in order to do that, they made the daily commute with me. That was really tough on them and we were all pretty cranky when we got home.

 Well I said enough was enough and I was going to make a change. I saved up some money, took a huge leap and quit my day job. I really want to work at home and stay home with my children but I do not want to give up my income. Problem is I still need to bring in money some how. I found this opportunity while I was researching a way to make money from home. It was free to sign up and not many companies were offering that. I was willing to give them a shot? After all what did I really have to loose?

 I think you should also join because it is a wonderful opportunity to obtain financial freedom. You get to be your own boss, make your own hours, no commute (I personally was commuting one hour each way, not through traffic either. I was driving 54 miles just to get to work. Yes I was crazy). Your business will allow you to work for only a few hours each day and the best part of that is you get to pick which hours you want to work or which days for that matter. No time clocks here.

 Of course the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. If you are willing to work at this you can achieve in this business. Do you need to quit your full time job to do this? Absolutely not! This is an opportunity everyone! There are numerous resources to help you along the way as well. You receive training from day one. You are provided with support to build your business. People guide you along and actually help you build your online business.

 My vision is to be able to buy a house (yes I still rent) and stay home with my children. I want to be able to provide them with the education of their choice be that an “Ivy League” school or just the state university. I am “old fashioned” in the sense of having an adult (a mom, dad or even grandparent) at home waiting for them every day after school. I feel this is very beneficial. Not that being in day cares and after school programs hurt will hurt them in any way but just that this is the best choice for my children. Pretty simple. I also dream of one day being able to take family vacations to Disney World and traveling with my husband and not going into debt to do so. So why not check out what I have found?